The eCommerce website development process must have certain elements for the site to be relevant and get an edge among the competitors. This blog covers the main features. Keep reading. 

Do you want to create a new eCommerce store for your business? Or do you want to improvise your existing website by adding certain features to it that are trending in the online world?  

If you manage to create a website that’s an absolute delight for your customers, you are halfway there. Have a look at these main features as per the top ecommerce website development company

Ecommerce website features list

9 Unique Key Features of Ecommerce Websites You Can’t Miss in 2023

Prepare a checklist of 9 unique key features of Ecommerce websites in 2023 to move towards success in the least possible time. 

1. Easy Navigation System

An eCommerce website is all about finding the right products at the right place at the right time. So a user-friendly navigation system makes sure your customers are not having a hard time finding what they are looking for. 


2. High-Quality Photos

This one goes without saying. Images and videos are something eCommerce sites are backed on. A website with low-quality pictures isn’t going anywhere. High quality images and videos where features are clearly visible help customers make an informed choice. 

3. Mobile-Friendly

Today, you can’t be expecting customers to visit and shop from your website only through their desktops. Your customers keep switching devices and you better be all ready for it. Give your customers a great shopping time from whichever device they use. 

4. Site Search

Go check out top eCommerce websites and you will find a site search option that helps customers find exactly what they are looking for. For customers who know what they are looking for, site search is a good catch. It makes the customers surpass the navigation step that saves their time. 

5. Reviews

The reviews and ratings are a hit formula to make your customers have a glimpse of what they are willing to pay for. It creates a sense of trust that goes a long way. Today, many customers first look for reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Make your customers leave reviews behind. 

6. Exchange and Return Policy

To take your customers into confidence and eliminate their pre-purchase doubts, exchange and return policy retain your customers. It also helps brands acquire customers because a return policy leaves no space for doubts. 

7. Footer Navigation

How about taking your website’s footer into use to showcase what exactly you want to show your customers? In the footer section, you can provide links to your top purchases, services, what’s trending, support, and other information your customers would want to know. 

8. Chatbots

By making yourself available all the time, you can win customers beyond your expectations. Keep assisting your customers with what they need, what they want to know and solve their problems. Chatbots are the best way to do that.  

9. FAQ Section For Products

Online purchase is a lot about questions that customers need answers to. Answering your customers pre and pro sale questions is a good plan to make your customers buy from you. Even the best ecommerce website development services providers highly recommend it. 

Final Words

Sure the features are not limited to what are mentioned above, but these features in our list will help you create an eCommerce store that attracts, engages, converts & brings back customers. Whatever site you built and whatever eCommerce website development procedure you follow, always keep your customers in mind for the most effective outcome. 

CyberWorx Technologies, a supreme eCommerce website development company specializes in creating websites that align with what’s trending in the digital world. 

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