You must be aware that Google rolls out around 600 changes to its search engine algorithm every year. Therefore, the latest SEO trends keep coming up in a few months. If you neglect these trends, your law firm SEO plan can fail miserably. 

On the other hand, being on the top of your law firm SEO trends will help you reach closer to your goals and targets as your organic rankings will boost and you will reach new clients at the right time. Therefore, it’s time you worked smarter.

5 Major SEO Trends For Law Firm To Watch in 2023

If you don’t want your rankings to come down, apply these 5 major SEO trends for law firms in 2023 in harmony with your existing plan for the desired outcome.

1. Focus On Quality Content 

Trends might come and go, helpful content will remain classic. Always remember, a law firm’s content should be to-the-point and solution-oriented rather than posting blogs for the sake of SEO. Always put quality over quantity. Give your readers helpful and genuine content that’s present nowhere else. EAT will assist you in kicking it right: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness.  

By establishing your trustworthiness, EAT can assist you in differentiating yourself from rival legal firms. You'll gain the trust of potential customers, which can increase your lead generation. 

2. IndexNow

An API tells the search engine whenever content is added, modified, or deleted on a website. It causes information that would not have otherwise been indexed and crawled by search engines, which affects your reach and ranking. Your legal firm would require to change more often as changes keep coming, and that’s where the load should come down to rank faster.

IndexNow is taking the lead here, which is changing how SEO company plan for the long term. You are no longer required to worry about how the bots will index the content.

3. Website Development

You must be aware that your website’s design & development part still has a role to play in SEO ranking. Your website should be fast and user-friendly. Also, make sure it is focusing on mobile users too. You should give priority to the user-centric ranking variables listed in Google's Core Web Vitals as per your law niche.

We highly recommend you work with a good website development company that also understands the latest SEO trends to help you update your website. 

4. Local SEO

To reach your local clients, you must be well-planned and thoughtful with your local SEO strategy. Play it right with the locally-focused content and keywords by adding your city to the long-tail keyword.

Always ensure that you have claimed and optimized your Google Business Listing pretty well. That will make it easier for your potential local clients to locate and reach you.

Also, asking your recent clients to leave their reviews behind will add to your firm’s credibility.

5. Voice SEO 

Video marketing has recently surpassed both infographics and blog posts. It’s becoming a successful strategy that’s capable of attracting your potential leads. 

You may improve your ranks on YouTube, the second-largest search engine on the internet, by making helpful videos relevant to your niche.

When you have a solid video marketing strategy in place, your video may appear in the featured snippets of the SERPs, which helps generate leads and video views. 

Use your keyword research to produce high-quality video articles as part of your 2023 lawyer SEO plan to capitalize on this development. Even old blog posts can be converted into videos.

Final Words

In 2023, align just right with law firm SEO trends with these 5 latest SEO trends and take a prime spot in your organic rankings. You will attract new clients as your ranking rises.  

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