During iOS app development, there are many issues that come into the spotlight, which must be tackled in a way that leads to your desired outcome. 

While companies only focus on providing the best possible user experience to their iOS mobile applications customers, developers have the challenge of following the best practices aligned with the latest trends to produce an output that’s attractive and engaging in the long term.  

Here, we are attempting to answer the very famous question of how to increase user engagement for iOS mobile apps with the top ways. Let’s begin! 

6 Best Techniques To Grow User Engagement in iOS Mobile Applications

Making people install the iOS application while also making efforts to keep them engaged and interested are two very complex jobs for any developer. Below are some best techniques to grow user engagement in iOS mobile applications. 


Sirikit is the most effective way of conversing with and understanding your iOS users. It uses natural language processing to understand what the users want to do on your application and further represents it in a very structured way.

According to Apple, there are six domains that app developers can make use of. These include: 

  • Messaging
  • Payment
  • Audio or Video Calling
  • Ride Bookings
  • Searching Photos
  • Workouts

These are the domains on which Siri works, on intent, which is a kind of action that applications perform to effectively communicate with your iOS mobile applications. This activity ensures maximum user engagement for iOS apps. 

Push Notifications

Even the top mobile app development company in Delhi says that push notifications are among the most effective ways to increase user engagement and retention. When an iOS user unlocks the screen, all the messages get shifted to the notification tray. Even when consumers are not actively using the apps, the notifications are helpful for communicating with them.

Limelight Indexing

Limelight indexing is a feature with the help of which users can search for anything on a particular app without actually opening the app. 

Given how much searching is loved and liked by a modern consumer, limelight indexing is an excellent way to keep your users engaged, even if the app is not actively open. 

Mobile Applications Deep Linking

Deep linking enhances a user’s experience as it simplifies the application onboarding process. Deep linking is undertaken by an URL that, when clicked, takes the user to a particular page or location inside the mobile application. 

Deep links act on any details in the URL as well as assist in the app's opening. Thanks to deep links in iOS mobile applications, it will be simpler for consumers, which let you take several actions. It’s also very efficient in attracting new customers to your application. 

App Analytics

App downloads are one of the most popular, common, and fundamental metrics based on which the performance of an application is analyzed. App analytics helps you understand the users who opened the app for the first time, abandoned it, and revisited it. 

Based on the analytics, marketing, and improvement strategies can be made. For marketing purposes and attracting new customers, app analytics is a very effective plan. 

Integrating Social Media

Social media in the current era is one of the strongest ways to engage with your users. It also has a dominating effect on Apple's mobile applications. Social shareability is a must for user engagement, but it can't be pushy or disrupt the user experience.

The bottom line is that social media can get you, countless users.

 Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned 6 ways to increase user engagement for iOS mobile applications were identified after much research. These are the best ways that lead to increased user engagement, followed by a boosted ROI.